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Welcome to the Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (OHSEM) Web site.

Updated daily, this Web site gives you the tools to get informed, get prepared, and get involved.

An involved community is a well prepared community and your family’s partnership with Harris County is the foundation of our homeland security and emergency management strategy.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett and OHSEM hope you will visit our site often.

Download Ike Five Year Anniversary Report here

Download All-Hazards Disaster guide here

Download Hurricane brochure here

Download Emergency Essentials List here

Hurricanes generate a series of threats to lives and property.

The most obvious is the threat posed to buildings, equipment, and people by the high winds which characterize such storms.

Another serious threat to life and property comes from the storm surge, which occurs in coastal areas. Storm surges consist of huge domes of water and storm driven waves, which are pushed inland ahead of a hurricane. Tides of three to ten feet above normal are common, but the storm surge may rise twenty feet or more in large hurricanes. Waves come ashore with great force, far beyond the reach of normal surf. In relatively flat areas, the storm surge may push many miles inland.

Hurricanes often generate heavy rainfall, which can cause severe flooding over wide areas. Hurricanes also may spawn deadly tornadoes. Flooding and tornadoes may affect areas well inland.

Please take the time to prepare, plan, and stay informed.

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