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Welcome to the Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (OHSEM) Web site.

Updated daily, this Web site gives you the tools to get informed, get prepared, and get involved.

An involved community is a well prepared community and your family’s partnership with Harris County is the foundation of our homeland security and emergency management strategy.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett and OHSEM hope you will visit our site often.

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Are the Lake Conroe Dam Flood Gates open?
For outflow release information or lake and river levels call:
  • San Jacinto River Authority in Conroe Texas - phone number (409) 588-1111 or
  • Houston - phone (409) 447-5260 or (409) 447-5261
Are the Lake Houston Dam Flood Gates open?
Lake Houston is a spillway controlled dam. There are no flood gates on Lake Houston. There are two small maintenance gates which are not opened for floods.. Refer to 713-247-1000.
Is my home within the flood plain? What is my home's elevation?
Where can I find sandbags?
Sandbags can be found for purchase at Houston Bag & Burlap 713-224-2644
Who do I call for street flooding?
Normally, storm sewer culverts, gratings and street flooding complaints should be referred to the municipality or to the precinct for action.
  • Precincts
    • Precinct 1 713-991-6881
    • Precinct 2 713-455-0062
    • Precinct 3 281-463-6300
    • Precinct 4 281-353-8424
  • City of Houston
    • Customer Response 713-754-0600
    • Storm Sewers 713-247-1000
  • Pasadena 713-477-1511
Are shelters open? Where are they located?
  • County - call the precinct in which you reside
    • Precinct 1 713-991-6881
    • Precinct 2 713-455-0062
    • Precinct 3 281-463-6300
    • Precinct 4 281-353-8424
  • City of Houston Public Works 713-247-1000
  • Also listen to the Radio or watch the Television for current information.
Who do I call for Mosquito problems?
Call Harris County Mosquito Control at 713-796-6900.
I have large animals. Who should I call?
Contact the SPCA 713-869-8227
Who do I call for Household Chemical Waste (i.e. old paint, varnish, pesticides, etc.) disposal?
Harris County Pollution Control - 713-920-2831.